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Factors to Consider When Buying a Cross Trainer


Why you should buy a cross-strainer

When you are at the Gym, you possibly have seen a machine with long handles in the cardio section. This type of exercise is known as the elliptical exercise machine, elliptical bike or Cross-Trainer. It is a machine that combines movements of the bike, treadmill, and stair climber into one. With Cross-Trainer equipment, your legs will have a complete workout, and you’ll burn a lot of calories depending on the intensity that you choose. When you are working out with the elliptical, you may burn between 8 and 12 calories per minute which are a great percentage in contradistinction to the treadmill or the bike.

If you buy a Cross-Trainer with dual action handle bars, you can obtain a true training workout that uses your entire body, including your upper body. Through this machine, you can move comfortable with the speed that you prefer and the intensity that you decide. The more intensity you use, the more calories you’ll burn. It is a safe appliance that stops with you; the quantity of resistance on an elliptical trainer will determinate the effort that you are applying to maintain your feet in movement. The speed is associated and determined by your frequency.

What you need to know before buying

frgthfgdfrChoosing the right Cross Trainer can be difficult if you don’t know your needs and unique situation. If you are considering buying an elliptical exercise you have to consider some factors such as stride length, incline, build quality, etc. At the present, you can count on a different group of Cross-Trainer machines that can offer what you are looking for. The diverse types are:

Incline cross trainer: Great for training core muscles and upper thighs in both men and women.

Variable stride length cross trainer

Allows the user to choose between a running motion and a shorter stride (walking).

Electromagnetic resistance cross trainer

In this case, the machine uses a variable magnetic ground to control the resistance.

Rear or front drove cross trainer

These types of machine have the flywheel at the back and have a slightly elliptical motion.

Fan elliptical trainer

Is a very restricted resistance range. Offer a limited workout, and they are very simple.